Why Does My Teeth Pain After Whitening? How Can I Relief It?

Teeth pain and sensitivity after bleaching is pretty common. It may occur no matter what type of teeth bleaching system or product is used. This discomfort can range from slight to moderate. The characteristics of discomfort experienced will vary but it usually ranges between mild sudden sharp pains and a dull moderate ache. The sensitivity and subsequent pain typically relieves itself in 24 hours after the whitening process. However, it is worthy of your attention : Pain does NOT necessarily mean teeth whitening working.

Why Does My Teeth Pain After Whitening

Why Does My Teeth Pain After Bleaching?

  1. The bleaching agent such as Hydrogen Peroxide penetrate to the nerve tissue of the tooth.
  2. The dehydration of the tooth during the bleaching process.
  3. When you have a professional bleaching with an activating light, your teeth are exposed for the light too long time.

How Can I Relief It?

If you encounter a toothache after whitening, there is not much that can be done to speed up the process but individuals can take steps to decrease the pain or sensitivity.

  1. Utilizing a desensitizing gel or product can be quite helpful, such as Sensodyne toothpaste. The sensodyne toothpaste has a high concentration of fluoride and the fluoride will stop the sensitivity. Brush your teeth use a soft-bristle toothbrush.
  2. Try taking Ibuprofen for acute sensitivity.
  3. Avoid hot and cold stimuli.