Top 5 Best Selling Home Teeth Whitening Paint-on In 2013

BriteSmile Teeth Whitening Pen

1. BriteSmile To Go Whitening Pen

Prices : $29.99

BriteSmile will give you the whiter teeth in just one hour. It offer high quality teeth whitening products that effectively and safely whiten your teeth without the headaches and added costs of a dentist visit!

Listerine Whitening Pen

2. Listerine Whitening Pen

Prices : $11.99 / 0.074-Ounce

It is very similar to the Listerine Strips, use the same whitening formula that guess 17% Hydrogen Peroxide. Once a day for slowly and naturally whiter teeth in 2 weeks and it also kills bad breath germs.

GoSMILE Teeth Whitening System

3. GoSMILE Teeth Whitening System

Prices : $89

GoSmile uses pure hydrogen peroxide unlike other teeth whiteners carbamide peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide normally is an unstable substance however with the Ampoule which protects the peroxide fresh and potent. It's not as effective as dentist in-office whitening systems.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Dental Paint Cover-up

4. Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Dental Paint Cover-up

Prices : $29.98 / 0.1 fluid oz

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Dental Paint Cover-up is not a really whitening product. It is a cosmetic that only can help you cover up a dark tooth in all day. It is safe and non-toxic with no taste and no odor and it will not come off when drinking alcoholic beverages.

Rembrandt Whitening Touch Up Pen

5. Rembrandt Whitening Touch Up Pen

Prices : $11.21

The pen is not as effective as whitening strips, but it's also not as sensitivity as the strips can be. If you don't have too big of a need to whiten teeth and just want to lighten up a few shades, you can try it. It is inexpensive and easy to use. But if you want radical whitening, go for something more effective.

Bocelli MP3 Teeth Whitening Kit

Bocelli MP3 Teeth Whitening Kit

Prices : $49.99 - $69.99

Bocelli MP3 Musical Teeth Whitening Kit includes peroxide pen and a mouthpiece that connects to your iPod. Select your music and turn up the RockMyTeeth's Tray volume to high; the louder the sound volume to the teeth the more musical energy you have going to the whitening gel the better.

Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitening

Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitening

Prices : $49.99 / 30-day supply

Celebrity Sexy Teeth is easy to use, effective and does not cause tooth sensitivity. As far as cost, a 30-day supply will run around $50, which is a lot cheaper than cosmetic dentistry.