5 Steps Of Professional BriteSmile Procedures In-office With Images

BriteSmile laser teeth bleaching treatments take about 60 minutes from start to finish in office. The cumulative exposure of the patient's teeth to the BriteSmile Laser Teeth Bleaching gel is 40 minutes.

Professional Laser Teeth Bleaching

Step 1 : Isolated Teeth, Protect to Lip, Place Protection

Apply resin dam to isolated your lips away from teeth. And apply masking cream to lower lip. The caustic nature of the peroxide bleaching compounds used in BriteSmile and the laser light used to activate the bleaching agent, eye protection is required and worn for protection.

Professional Laser Teeth Bleaching

Step 2 : Placed BriteSmile's Muco-protectant Protect Gums

Placed to the BriteSmile's muco-protectant to protect your gums. The BriteSmile's muco-protectant is not ingested the BriteSmile light, acts as a chemical rubber dam, it will protecting the soft tissue while exposing the teeth to the bleaching agent.

Professional Laser Teeth Bleaching

Step 3 : Placed BriteSmile Gel On Teeth

The BriteSmile gel is a hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching compound and it has 15% hydrogen peroxide concentration and a pH of 6.5. Your dentist will placed BriteSmile Laser Teeth Bleaching gel 1-2 mm thick on your teeth.

Professional Laser Teeth Bleaching

Step 4 : Activated By BriteSmile's Patented Light

Activated by BriteSmile's patented gentle blue light for 20 minutes. This process is repeated twice. The patented BriteSmile light is not UV, heat or laser-activated. It operates in the gentle blue-green spectrum, which is safe for tooth enamel as well as skin, gums and soft tissues.

Step 5 : Remove The Protection

The BriteSmile gel is rinsed off and gum protection is removed. After BriteSmile treatment on average 9 shades lighter and teeth whitening results can last 1-2 years.